Special Alcohol-Free Teenage Charity Disco

On Friday July 20th, a special alcohol-free, charity teenage disco will be held in the Clubhouse, Hamilton Park. All proceeds of this disco are being donated equally to two very worthy charities, the Sligo Branch of Special Olympics Ireland, which is chaired by Cllr Deirdre Healy-McGowan, and to club member, James Coulter, who travels to Cape Town, South Africa in October to participate in the Niall Mellon house building scheme in the townships there. As stated, the entire proceeds from the disco are being donated to the two charities, as all overheads are being discharged. Sligo RFC will provide the stewarding, and will also sponsor the cost of printing the admission tickets, while the regular D.J. at the club’s discos, Levi Curran, has very generously offered his services free on the evening.

Special Olympics Ireland cater for 11,000 athletes at present, and with their ongoing recruitment drive, plan to have 16,000 athletes by the end of 2007. Dubliner, Niall Mellon has earned worldwide acclaim for his work in endeavouring to eradicate shacks from the South African landscape. The members of our club commend fellow member, James Coulter for his idealism in assisting in this work, and his share from the proceeds of the disco will fund part of the cash required by him to partake in the scheme. Some club members have already contributed to this fund, and any member who wishes to be associated with the project should contact James with their contribution.

Meanwhile, last Friday night’s alcohol-free disco was very successful. Many thanks to the 30 stewards who supervised the event, and to all who attended, for their exemplary behaviour.