Sligo head for Navan next Saturday

Sligo have been invited to play in the Navan High Kings Tournament of Junior rugby next Saturday in what will be a real test of stamina as they will play a minimum of three matches. It is planned to have six Junior sides from around the country with such sides as Clonmel and Clogher valley present. All the sides will be top Junior sides from their respective provinces so this will be a great test for the Sligo lads.

This trip will be used to see as many players as possible and it will also serve as a good bonding exercise for the squad. For the new players this will be an ideal opportunity for them to show what they are capable of and also to get to know the rest of the squad .

Pool 1: Sligo, Navan, Clogher Valley

Pool 2: Clonmel, Cill Dara, Ashbourne.

Teams from each pool play each other and then the 1st team from each pool will play off for the trophy. Also the second placed in each pool play each other and likewise the third placed sides. This ensures each side will get three games.