Rugby Planning Committee Keeping Busy

The special club Sub-Committee charged with plotting the future of rugby in Sligo have been very busy, and have already met on two occasions. Both meetings have been extremely productive, and it is envisaged that the Rugby Development Plan will be launched in mid-April. The Sub-Committee will make a root and branch appraisal of rugby in the club, and will chart the course for the the promotion and development of the game in the Sligo club catchment area for the next five years. The members of the Sub-Committee are; Tom Gilligan [Chair.], Michael Storey, Conor Frazer, Brendan Leahy, Michael O’Hehir, Jonathan Hill, Therese Cosgrove, Cliona O’Kelly, John Davey, Rory Raftery and John Pender. The Recording Secretary is Orla Gilligan.