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Welcome to the Sligo RFC Club Resources Page. Here you can find player training guides, ticket application forms, 400 Club application forms and more available for download.

Membership Resources:

New members are always welcome!

New and existing members can use the following forms to apply for International Tickets, or join our fantastic 400 Club.

Application Forms

Membership Fees for 2020/2021

With the start of the new season upon us, membership subscriptions now fall due on September 1st. The Sligo RFC membership secretary is Gavin Laws

Membership should be paid here (via IRFU/SportLoMo)

Following approval at the 2020 AGM the membership rates are as follows for the 2020/21season:

  • General Membership €130
  • Family Membership (2 non playing adults) €150, plus €60 for each Youth / Juvenile member to a max of €300 total
  • Coach Membership €30
  • Adult Playing Membership €130
  • Youth Playing Membership (U13 – U18.5) €120
  • Juvenile Playing Membership (U7 – U12) €110

Player/Coaching Resources:

  • Info for Coaches & Managers How to Set up a Team Panel, select players, manage training & match events and Manage “Track & Trace” protocols

Player/Member Welfare:


Learn about doping in Rugby and the importance of staying clean. These educational resources will show you all you need to know.

The 400 Club

The 400 Club is Sligo RFC’s main source of income. Membership costs €10 per month, and members are entered in a monthly draw for €200, €100 and €50.

All profits from the 400 Club are used to develop rugby and facilities at all levels in the club. For further information on the 400 Club please contact Tom Nielsen on 086 4126055. You can download the application form Standing Order for Sligo RFC 400 Club or sign up online here.

International Tickets – awaiting details from IRFU

Members will be restricted to one ticket each until all applications have been considered.

Please do not apply for tickets if you have not yet paid your 2021/22 membership subscription. (pay here)

The Clubs International ticket committee advises that applications will be considered from all members, however priority will be given to the following applicants;

  • Members
  • Facilities development investors
  • 400 club or Lotto members
  • Workers in the club
  • Sponsors

This year the committee also draws your attention to the following ticket applications will not be considered unless the following criteria have been met;

  • All applications must be in writing using the form: International Ticket Order Form 2021/22 (Six Nations). (awaiting confirmation of details)
  • Please include payment (cheque or cash) for each game -that is a separate cheque for each game.
  • Having applied for tickets, your payment will be processed unless you give at least two weeks notice that you wish to cancel your order to the address on the bottom of the form.

The committee also advises that tickets are issued individually to members who apply for them. The individual to whom the ticket is issued should sit in the allocated seat. If for some reason you are not going to use the ticket yourself then you should advise a member of the ticket committee and return the ticket in advance of the game. Any deviation from this will only be allowed with the express permission of the ticket committee.

The members of the committee will do their utmost to ensure that the international tickets get to those of our members who are the most deserving of them. They will be distributed in a fair and equitable manner after much consideration of all of the correctly completed applications.

For more information on tickets and pricing please see the IRFU website . The selection of tickets that the Club will be able to offer will be limited. Accordingly the full range of tickets as priced on the IRFU website will not be available for purchase from Sligo RFC.

Player Insurance and Club Medical Policy

Sligo RFC is covered by the IRFU Compulsory Group Personal Accident Scheme for Clubs. This insurance only covers the severest of injuries – loss of limb, loss of eye etc.

It is imperative that all members, coaches, players and parents associated with Sligo RFC familiarise themselves with the details of what you are insured for and more importantly, with what it is that you are not insured for.

It is the medical policy of Sligo RFC, where a fully paid up member of the Club is injured whilst representing the Club at either training or whilst playing that the Club will cover the initial hospital A&E charge only. Sligo RFC does not have insurance cover for, nor can it provide costs towards any medical, dental, physio, etc. costs of any player. It is the responsibility of every member, coach, player and parent to ensure that you and/or your children have the necessary insurance cover to meet your own personal needs. The committee of Sligo RFC advises that members must ensure that they are adequately covered for serious injury and they advise that additional Personal Accident cover can be purchased by members where they so require. For further advice in this regard please contact Sligo RFCs insurance advisors IPM Insurance, Stephen St., Sligo (Brian Kilgallon 071 9162595) see here for more details IPM Insurance Personal Accident Insurance quotation form.

Most schools offer 24/7 insurance through Allianz Insurance. By opting for 24/7 coverage, rather than just in-school cover, your child will be better insured overall and it covers rugby. The Allianz Insurance offer normally closes at the end of October each year. The charge for adding 24/7 cover comes at a minimal cost. Please contact your school for more information.

Full details of the IRFU Compulsory Group Personal Accident Scheme for Clubs can be found here.

Other Club Policies & Important Documents