We are delighted to be able to make a return to Juveniles rugby on this Saturday Sep 19th for all age groups from U7-U12, and on Sat Oct 3rd for U10/12 Girls. The club have been working very hard over the last number of months to prepare all teams for return to play in accordance with both the government and the IRFU return to play guidelines. We have been one of the first clubs in Connaught to be approved to return – so we would like to thank all those involved in the pre-season work to get us started on time for the forthcoming season. After all the disruptions to normality over the last few months, we are very much looking forward to getting back on the pitch!

Last year’s U7 recruits on their first day in Hamilton Park

Training Times & Groups: There will be many changes to our normal routine in order to ensure a safe playing environment for our kids. Most notably, our session start times must now be staggered to reduce opportunities for contacts between various age groups. We had approximately 180 kids registered across the Juveniles last year; therefore, in order to reduce the numbers arriving and leaving the club at any one time, we have split into two separate training sessions, with staggered start and end times for each group within the sessions. This change will prevent large numbers congregating before training and will also increase the overall pitch space available to each group –facilitating a safe separation of each groups playing areas. We will also have a one-way system in place for entering and leaving the pitch areas as outlined on the pitch layouts overleaf, which include the sessions start times. We know that this change will pose challenges for those families with kids in various groups, but you will understand that having one start time for all age groups was not going to be viable this year. We will of course review our plans in accordance with any changes which may occur during the season. We would ask for your support in ensuring that you only arrive at your allotted start time – and not before or later.

Covid Survey: Another key requirement in our safe return to play is the need to maintain accurate roll calls, and to have all players complete a Covid survey to confirm they are symptom free on the day before training. In order to make this process efficient – we plan to use Heja as our scheduling and communication tool for all Juvenile groups. Parents will confirm attendance no later than 6pm on the day before training. Please print and return a signed copy of the Personal Assessment Form. The disclaimer on this form outlines your understanding that by signing the form at the beginning of the season, you understand that when confirming your child’s attendance at training /games each week via Heja, you are also confirming that your child is symptom free. Please bring along the signed form at your child’s first training session. It will be retained by the coach for the remainder of the season. The form will be posted on Heja each week as a reminder to ensure you review all the questions before confirming attendance at training. Coaches will print out the Heja confirmed attendance list after 6pm on the day before training. Once your child is on this list, they will be permitted to training. If they are not on the list, they cannot be permitted to train. We will have a manual system in place for new members only. We ask that you always accompany your child to the club entry point at the top of the car park at each training session, where a Covid Officer will have the confirmed player lists. If a player is not included on the pre-printed coach attendance list, they cannot enter the pitch area. It’s important that parents know their child has been able to enter training before leaving the car park. One parent is permitted to enter training per child, and this is mandatory for U7s, and encouraged for any group where additional parent support is required. Parents should confirm attendance (and Covid survey) via Heja in order to access the pitch playing area.

One-way system in operation , please try to arrive at allocated time

▪ Players will be permitted to the pitch areas after Covid survey is confirmed at the pedestrian entryway beside the car park. ▪ All players will be required to hand sanitise before entering the players area. ▪ The club grounds will operate a one-way flow for entering and leaving the playing area. See the maps overleaf for further details. ▪ On arrival at the pitch – players will be split into their defined training pods for the session. ▪ All playing equipment & balls will be sanitised before and after each training session by coaches.

Fixture Schedule: The fixture schedules this year is to be determined at this point. We are focused on safely returning to training initially– and will look to coordinate a reduced playing schedule in the coming months. There are obviously challenges to be considered in terms of overall travelling numbers. We will update on Heja well in advance of any proposed fixtures later in the season.

Volunteers: Sligo Rugby Club has a great ethos of volunteering, which spans many participants in various roles across the club. We sincerely appreciate the effort and commitment from all of our mini-rugby coaches, volunteers, and supportive parents—all make an impact in the form of regular training sessions, hosting visiting teams, supporting fund-raising events, and participating in away games. Thank you for all of your continued support. With the additional Covid related requirements this year, we would ask that anyone who has time to assist coaches – particularly around the check-in of players before entering training, please get in touch with your relevant head coach. In addition, we are always looking for new coach volunteers. We will have IRFU coach training sessions scheduled in September – so anyone who is interested in joining the coaching team please do get in touch. Lower coach/player ratios are key to the quality of coaching we can offer.

Registration: Registration for membership this year is online here. Please note our registration platform has changed from Clubforce to Sportslomo this year. The reason for change is that the IRFU have partnered with Sportslomo in order to manage player registration with the IRFU. Rather than require a separate platform for IRFU registration and club registration, both can now be completed on Sportslomo. We will continue to utilize the Heja app for all Juvenile communications & scheduling. Please ensure your register your child on Sportslomo prior to training. Its imperative that all players are registered both with the club and IRFU for insurance purposes. We are very much looking forward to returning to play this year and seeing you all soon.

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