Fundraising – Flag day update

To our Heroes of the Day …The Collectors who gave their 1.5 hour to stand in the cold and rain for their Club…

Yvonne Clarke, Nicola Bourke, Shane O Hehir, Ross Hickey, Jamie Bowes, Tom Nielsen, Christian Nielsen, Tracey Diffley, Clive Morris, Podge Johnston, Clive Morris, Anne O Toole, Angela Carr, Colette O Donnell, Michael Shovelin, Vincent Reynolds, Niall Gray, John Foy, Tom Nielsen, Shaune Glackin, Eddie Lee and Mimi.

A huge thank you and appreciation to you all, for taking time out of your busy day, to fundraise and drive the need to promote your club and knowing that the money you collected is going to our new and wonderful Development Project.

A huge thank you to Mary and Mickey O’Hehir for arranging venue and buckets. To Ken O Neill, Hagan McQuaid, Justin Harte for their back up on getting parents and players to support their club! Thank you to Martha and Des Cosgrove.

Last but not least a thank you to Maurice Fitzgerald for his contribution.

You gave your time – the most thoughtful gift of all

Thank you

Lorraine Kerins – Sligo RFC Honorary Secretary

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