Art Sale For Charity in Hawk's Well

One of our most stalwart members is Meg Leahy, wife of Senior Vice-President, Brendan, mother of senior Vice-Captain, Billy, and current UL-Bohs U-20 player, Roger. Meg’s talents are manifold, as in addition to being a connoisseur of rugby, she is an actress of repute, having starred in many Hawk’s Well productions, and she is also a talented and acclaimed artist.

Her latest paintings are on display, and can be viewed in the foyer of the Hawk’s Well Theatre. Meg has very generously donated the proceeds from the sale of the entire collection on display to a very worthy cause, the Irish Guide-Dogs Association. Club members are urged to purchase a painting, as in doing so, they will not only make a contribution to a most deserving cause, but they will also be acquiring a work of exceptional artistic and aesthetic merit.